Cashless Information

Tomorrowland Winter is a cashless festival. You are able to use your personal Bracelet to access the festival area and the mountain stages. Your Lift & Ski Pass is integrated in your Bracelet. You will also need it to pay for food and drinks at the festival site. Food vendors and bars at Tomorrowland Winter only accept "Pearls", the official Tomorrowland Winter cashless currency. Before travelling to Tomorrowland Winter, don't forget to activate and top up your Bracelet in your Tomorrowland Account.

Be aware not all locations at Alpe d’Huez support cashless payments. 

Exchange rate

The exchange rate for Pearls is:

€ 25 - 9 Pearls
€ 50 - 18 Pearls

The minimum top-up amount is € 50 (18 Pearls). You can top-up in multiples of € 25. 
The maximum amount you can top-up is € 1000 at once.
Please note that the maximum amount on your account cannot exceed € 5000.


Bonus Pearls: If you top up your Bracelet or e-ticket before March 15 - 17:00 CET, you receive Bonus Pearls.

  • Top up € 125 and receive 2 Bonus Pearls

  • Top up € 250 and receive 4 Bonus Pearls

  • Top up € 375 and receive 7 Bonus Pearls

  • Top up € 500 and receive 10 Bonus Pearls

  • Top up € 625 and receive 13 Bonus Pearls

  • Top up € 1.000 and receive 22 Bonus Pearls


Bonus Pearls are spent after you have used your other Pearls.
If you put, for example, € 125 (= 45 Pearls) onto your Bracelet, you will spend your Pearls in the following sequences:

Top-up example = € 125 ( 45 Pearls + 2 Bonus Pearls) 
- 45 Pearls (€ 125)
- 2 Bonus Pearls (Free)


By topping up your Bracelet or e-ticket, you add Pearls to your Bracelet which you can spend at the festival site. Tomorrowland Winter strongly advises you to top up your Bracelet or e-ticket online before the festival. This way, you will receive an automatic refund after the festival for your unspent Pearls.

Before you can top up you need to activate your Bracelet or link your e-ticket to your Tomorrowland Account. 


  • Mastercard

  • Visa

  • Maestro

  • Bancontact

  • Carte Bancaire

  • iDeal


At the Cashless top-up booths you can use the following payment methods:

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • Maestro

  • Carte Bancaire

Attention! If you do your first top-up at the festival site, you will need to fill out the manual refund form after the festival in order to receive your refund if you still have unspent Pearls.