Your Tomorrowland Bracelet


All Tomorrowland Winter Packages with lodging will receive their Tomorrowland Bracelets at home at no extra cost, in one Treasure Case per two Bracelets. You are strongly advised to double check the shipping address before November 30. You can check and adapt your shipping address at Manage my Booking.

If you buy a Tomorrowland Winter Pass without lodging, you have the option to pick up your Tomorrowland Bracelet at the festival site or to receive your Bracelet at home for an additional amount.

  • With your e-ticket, you can pick up your Tomorrowland Bracelet at the Visitor Experience Center in Alpe d'Huez. In this case, you will not receive a Treasure Case. 

  • You could choose to receive your Bracelet with a Treasure Case at home. This way you can top up your Bracelet at home and hit the slopes as soon as you arrive in Alpe d'Huez. You will receive one Treasure Case per two Bracelets. The price of € 12,50 per ticket will be added to your order. You can select shipment at the check-out section during booking, upon availability. 

Shipping address information

The address of the Main Buyer will be used for shipping the Bracelets.
If the organization cannot send you the Bracelets due to incorrect data, as filled in during the registration/purchase, or if the postal service in your country is not able to deliver the package due to circumstances, the shipping costs will not be refunded. It is not possible to send Bracelets to a postbox address.

The start of the shipping period of the Bracelets is not available yet. All Tomorrowland Winter Bracelets will be shipped before March. If you don't receive your Bracelets in time, please contact info@tomorrowlandwinter.com.

Lift & Ski Pass

Your Tomorrowland Winter Bracelet not only gives you access to the festival but is also your payment method and lift & ski pass. When using the ski lifts, you can tap your Bracelet to get access. Wear your Bracelet on your left wrist as you will need to tap it on the left side.